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  1. Always good to see what golfers who don’t have their names on their bags say about new clubs! Thanks!
  2. Always looking for a more comfortable golf shoe! I’ve had very good experiences with Italian-made shoes and would love to try these & report back.
  3. John Clarkston, MI I walk most of my rounds now with a lightweight Fairway Flyer 402 pull cart.
  4. John, Clarkston, MI I'll use my iPhone 11 I will test primarily outdoors & can also test indoors I have the space to use a net indoors I've used the Zepp swing trainer (glove sensor, iOS app) and Arccos driver launch tracker (sensor in driver grip, iOS app) and have used Trackman & ForeSight monitors in club fittings & lessons. Looking forward to giving Rapsodo a try!
  5. I’m John in Clarkston, MI. I’d like to test the Spornia SPG-7 net this winter in my garage and write about it for MyGolfSpy.com! I’ve used a Hitting Net during lessons and practice at my local GolfTec location, with their launch monitor. At home, I use a Zepp swing monitor, looking at the quality of my swing rather than distances and ball parameters.
  6. John Clarkston, MI Cobra King F8+ 20 Hcp Swing Speed: 90-95 Would like to review the TSi3
  7. John / Clarkston, MI / USA / Currently using an Evnroll mallet putter, interested in testing one of the Heppler mallets (Fetch, Floki, Ketsch, Tomcat 14, or Tyne) because I putt best with the feel of a high MOI mallet.
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