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  1. Tory / Rohnert Park, California Yes can play year round My Fitness Pal & Strava
  2. Tory / Rohnert Park, CA iPhone 11 outdoors no - driving range
  3. Bruce Rohnert Park, CA Yes (love to practice) I have used a LM before but do not own one
  4. Tory Rohnert Park, CA Titleist TS2 5.1 98 TSi2 please
  5. Tory Hotaling Rohnert Park, CA USA Scotty Cameron Phantom Interested in the Tomcat 14 I have trouble with eye tracking and I tend to get the putter face off line. I'm looking for a putter that might help with this issue. It's really only an issue for me on putts inside 5 feet. I am a 5 handicap trying to get lower, but my putting is killing me right now. I have also always wanted to be a club tester so I think this would be an honor to help your customers out.
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