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  1. Louis Anacortes, WA Callaway XR Speed 23 HCP ~90 MPH TSi3
  2. Louis/Anacortes WA HCP: 24 Taylormade High Toe 60 and Callaway Mack Daddy 52. The raw finish and style. No need for fancy shine when its just going to get scraped up.
  3. Louis, Anacortes, WA I don't typically practice in the winter, its pretty wet. A putting mat would be nice. Ive only used an old putting mat that was turf material. Didnt work very well. Medium speed in any hole config.
  4. Louis Petrich, Anacortes, WA, USA Taylormade TP Ardmore. Id like to try the heppler zb3, sice I've mostly only used mallet style putters. All my friends swear by the blade but ive never tried one for a full game. I also think the dot vs the line might help me align better.
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