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  1. Michael, Columbus OH I’m back living at home with my parents because of the pandemic, and about 6 years ago we got a small artificial green for the office, so we use that. I typically don’t mind mats or artificial grass at all. Especially living in Ohio, I know I wouldn’t practice as much without one. I’d love to try out the medium speed. Thanks!
  2. Michael, Dublin, OH, USA Scotty Cameron SS Squareback 1 If I’m picking just one it has to be the Piper C. Since I started playing golf, the Piper has always been my favorite ping putter model. I also have a massive preference for centered shafts on putters, so already this looks like one of the greatest putters I’ve ever seen. I have also used mygolfspy for countless purchases, so I’d love to be able to be apart of a testing to help out other golfers.
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