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  1. I would love to be a tester! Phill Dawsonville iPhone X & iPad Pro Outdoors No
  2. This week I came across two new products that intrigued me. I would like to see if anyone has tried them and if they are worthwhile. First is a putting alignment aid. I have always liked the idea of an alignment line for putting, but never could;d get it right or feel comfortable making sure the line was directly on 12 Noon orientation. This new - at least to me - alignment systems seems to correct the issues I have using a line - that being having the line dead center top and squaring up to it. It is called Trident Align www.tidentalign.com . Has anyone tried this yet? Second i
  3. Phill / Dawsonville GA 19.6 Original Callaway PM Grind 54* & 60* Don't have to worry about maintaining original finish
  4. Phill North Georgia Practice on cheap indoor mat, and before I get a round in Cheap mats that really don't do much for improvement I'd like to go with medium
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