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  1. Nathan L. - Yorktown, Texas USA I am currently using the Ping Anser 2 I am interested in the Ping Heppler Fetch. I am fairly new to golf and find myself playing mostly with my father in law and his older work buddies. My father, being in his mid 60's as well as most of his coworkers, and a few older. As I began playing golf I have noticed that my father and his coworkers tend to fade throughout the day, complaining about the usual tightness in the back and everything above. So much that at the end of the each hole, I have been given a prestigious task, to retrieve their sunken balls in the hole. While these men truly love the game of golf and the fact that they can escape their wives for a couple of hours, their bodies can't sustain what they use too. Which is why I truly think given the opportunity to play with a Heppler Fetch would allow a few older men to get the feel of the putter (as well as myself) and to get to experience the ease of retrieving their sunken ball. A review from myself as well as reviews from old geezers'.
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