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  1. Chris, Eden Prairie, MN Yes, I have used several nets over the years: 2 callaway (outdoor/indoor), 1 no name brand (outdoor), and I built one out of pvc pipe. I currently use a 7x7 Callaway indoor/outdoor net with the Optishot 2 in my garage with the video casted wirelessly to a 55" 4k. SPG-7 - Like the ball return aspect and netting catch above normal space of net... Definitely some nice upgrade traits...would love to review.
  2. 1. Chris - Eden Prairie, MN 2/3. I have super old carpet that has plenty of break and grain and 2 PuttOut(s). However, not at championship stimp speed ;) . Would like to upgrade and or add to my garage where I will be creating a Sim setup for the winter. Currently product testing other golf equipment and have provided feedback that has produced design improvements. 4. The 4x18 Championship 11-14 Stimp (accompany the garage in Simulator install).
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