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  1. I read an article around the start of the Hero's program, PXG used to have proprietary properties to their clubs such as the 'internal metallic goo' in the cavity back irons, and other intellectual properties to help justify their huge price tag. However, all other OEMs has now caught up and have similar technologies due to some legal issues related the golf business; PXG couldn't enforce their intellectual properties because it was based upon other older intellectual properties. So, if PXG decided to go to war legally, then other makers may decide to file forever lawsuits against PXG for any small infringements. Also, most of these golf technologies are also controlled by PGA. It was some interesting read. If some people have more or better knowledge, please share. I'm just recalling from a memory 2-3 years ago(?).
  2. JOHN HOUSTON, TX I always ride cart unless my partners walk or if the field is cartpath only. But, I would like to walk from now on, if there's a cart to my liking. I'm very interested in the Mototcaddy M7 because of the remote/ non-push feature. When I use a push cart, I use a rental.
  3. John / Houston, TX I've never owned a hitting net, but I have used couple at my friends' houses. No, I do not own a LM myself, but used my friends. Thanks for the opportunity, hopefully I can practice at home instead of going somewhere 20 mins away.
  4. First Name and Location: John / Houston, TX How do you keep your putting sharp through the winter? Putt using Wellputt matt, PuttOUT pressure trainer, and PuttOUT eyeline mirror Current/Past Experience with putting mats: Yes, currently using Wellputt matt Go to www.birdieball.com and tell us which speed green you'd want to test: I''d prefer FAST, but I can test any speed to evaluate the BirdieBall hype
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