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  1. Exactly which one? I read somewhere that the two balls have different compressions with the e12 Soft at around a 50 overall compression and the e12 Speed around 75. The e12 Soft is targeted at swings under 105 miles per hour, while the e12 Speed is for the faster swing speed player. Both balls are designed to reduce sidespin for straighter tee shots. Also, the e12 Soft, which is designed for golfers with a driver swing speed under 105 mph is 50, while the e12 Speed for golfers with a driver swing over 105 is 75. Golf game teaches good manners and respect, and this is something golfers s
  2. Need suggestion Titleist Pro V1 or Vice Pro Soft which one is better?
  3. Cool Tees! Thanks for such a beautiful collection. But before wearing those to your golf course, have you checked the course maintenance, if you haven't get in touch with a Golf course superintendent to manage the golf course and enjoy your quality time with the Cool Golf T- shirts. Happy GOLFING!!
  4. The game teaches good manners and respect, and this is something golfer's should be very proud of! Golf is fun to play if the golf course is Green, Good and Easy. There are many golf games to play on the course. For example- For Beginner : Topshot Rookie For intermediate: Toppressure or topscramble For Advance: Qucik9 expert My personal Fav is Toppressure.
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