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  1. Kris, Houston IPad Air (14.2) Testing indoors Using a net, plenty of room indoors
  2. Kris Houston, Texas I do currently have a net but it is tearing at the seam. I do use a launch monitor (GC Quad) at home. I would love to test this net! Thanks
  3. Kris, Houston, Texas 12 Medium TRUE, a few different models Comfort, stability, and being water resistant
  4. Kris Houston, Texas Callaway Mavrik Subzero Triple Diamond 9.0 loft Handicap 1.9 Swing Speed 114 mph TSi3
  5. Kris / Houston, Texas Handicap 2 Current Model Wedges: Callaway JAWS MD5 What appeals to you about a raw wedge: Less glare and more spin potential
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