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  1. Storm/Raymore, MO I have never used a hitting net for golf, I have used a chipping net though. With everything going on in today’s world it is hard to get practice, so having a hitting net would really help me to advance my game for next season. Getting to hit on a daily basis versus the two to three times a week would be amazing. It is a hard sell to get my fiancé to let me go to the range every night, but if the range is at the house, (i.e. hitting net), then there is no sell, and I may even be able to get her hooked. Then we would be golfing nonstop. I don’t have a launch monitor at this time, but I definitely would be getting one if I had a net.
  2. Storm Raymore, MO 11.5 I have two pairs that I wear depending on conditions. If it is wet and/or softer conditions I wear my 2014 Tiger woods Nikes. If it is dry or firmer conditions I wear my Adidas Adicross Bounce 2.0s For me, comfortability and durability are very important, but what it really comes down to, is how are the soles of the shoe going to interact with the turf. This is the main reason I wear different shoes dependent on different conditions.
  3. Congrats! Excited to hear about your thoughts and experiences on these wedges!
  4. Storm / Kansas City, MO Handicap 12 Current wedges in the bag are the Callaway Mack Daddy 4s in a 52, 56, and 60. SPIN! The obvious appeal to a raw wedge is the different finish when it is new, but the look of a raw club as it ages is just plain SEXY! To me, enjoying the look of a club at address is important. A club can be functional, but if it doesn't look good behind the ball you're not going to want to use it. Raw wedges do nothing but look great behind the ball. I'd love to see what the Cleveland Zipcore looks like behind the ball as it starts to get the beautiful patina that looks SO good behind the ball and in the bag.
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