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  1. I'm a little biased as I work at Rideau View Golf Club just outside of Ottawa. If anyone's in the area PM me and I can show you the course.
  2. Amazing fit, quality, I'm just testing out some new Galvin Green Ventil8 Plus threads.
  3. Sean - Ontario Taylormade SLDR S - Project X 5.0 95 - 230-240 Twitter @OttawaGolfBlog Facebook - Sean Crogie Instagram @OttawaGolfBlog iPhone 6s
  4. I had 5806 in MyGolfSpy Group #2, curious JB what was your winning overall score, congrats!
  5. No pics of the new driver. I've heard it's purdy.
  6. Will be ordering some in the Spring. Just don't know what color.
  7. Love the colors of the first Sligo shirt.
  8. Nice to see some coverage of Kikkor. James is a great guy and he's bringing out more styles of golf shoes this year.
  9. Looks like he didn't accept any of the offers. I wonder what he'd accept?
  10. Nice dominating win for the new #1 on the LPGA tour. Congrats Ari!
  11. Right now I carry my Bridgestone GC Midsize PW (47°), 56° Cleveland 588 Gunmetal, and a 59° Miura Special Edition C-Grind. Have a couple of Scratch wedges(8620s) on order as well hope to get them soon!
  12. Puma may not be for everyone but they're on the cutting edge when it comes to the technology they use for golf apparel/accessories. Will be interesting to see the future now that they've bought Cobra.
  13. Aldila doesn't have anything about the shafts yet (you can sign up for launch info). I'll bet it will be a lower torque shaft. This driver from Adams has the full package when it comes to looks.
  14. Love the all black look, Adams sure does make some nice looking drivers. Will be interesting to see what the retail product will look like. So far big thumbs up here!
  15. I've had my SeeMore Si1 in the bag all season and it's going no where!
  16. Got the press release today about SeeMore's new SiSeries of Putters. I'm more of a mallet guy so these definitely fit my eye better. Out April 2010.
  17. Beau's Lug Tread Lager is a local lager made by a family run brewery in the area where I live. Bottles are way to heavy for the golf bag though!
  18. Last year was a Puma year with some Tippers and some Swing Crown GTX. Knocked the Adidas out easily. So light and comfy even in a size 12. No break in period either. The Smart Quills held up nice although I didn't get as many games in as usual.
  19. Hey everyone! Another golf forum, awesome! I'm Sean from outside Ottawa, Canada father of 3 with a great wife who puts up with my golf obsession.
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