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  1. I have yet to find comfortable shoes. The Adidas line comes close and Nike's have been terribly narrow as of late. I'm almost a size larger with Nike's while I'm a half size smaller with Adidas ... so now I'm so confused!! hahaha...
  2. I have the VC 200+ but would definitely give Rapsodo a comparison if given the chance. I was considering it before getting my VC200+ but given the greater financial cost it was more feasible for me at the time to go with the VC. Good luck to everyone!!
  3. Worth $200? Debatable. I used to get Eccos for their comfort but their quality has not been the same since the first Bioms releases. I now game 2 pairs of Nikes one for morning rounds (cleated) and use the spikeless ones for afternoon rounds but both pairs aren’t current year releases.
  4. Valentin Chou Sacramento, CA Strokelab #7s (Almost got the 2019 impact No. 3 but opted for the Strokelab instead) To keep things visually consistent I'd love to try the Impact #3
  5. Valentin - Sacramento, CA Right-handed First choice: 18* - Recoil ES 85 F4 Stiff (hybrid) Second choice: 18* - KBS Tour 90 Regular (UiHi) Handicap 9.3 Currently favoring a hybrid G25 vs. my inconsistent driving iron Ping crossover
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