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  1. I really like nice watches but ever since I got my fitbit that's about the only watch I ever wear. So much more functional than a nice automatic on the wrist. So I am a watch guy on the course but it's a fitbit...

  2. I would be very interested too, breathability of shoes is such a big thing and not something that I come across on most golf shoes. Sure there are mornings and days where the grass is wet and you want something more water resistant but man there are some hot days where you just want your feet to breathe a bit.

  3. I know it's probably not popular but I actually like wearing sleeves (like compression sleeves) that are nice and breathable. Keeps the scolding hot sun off my arms and is much lighter than a long sleeve shirt. I also wear a hat from Titleist called an Aussie hat (I think) and is a full brim hat but it doesn't sit super high on your head like other full brims so is actually quite nice and gives more shade.

  4. I read some good stuff about zero restrictions winter gloves not even a little cheap at $88 but maybe something worth a shot since they would last quite a bit longer than your normal glove. I know I need something, even for a morning round on a warm day my left hand gets so cold it bothers me.

  5. What's the 

    On 6/6/2020 at 6:26 AM, PMookie said:

    Peter Millar is my favorite, and I will seek them out in a clubhouse if I’m buying a shirt for memorializing a round.

    I generally don’t play in my Millars just because I don’t want to destroy them with all of the sweat that summer golf brings, so I usually just wear them for work, and use “sale” shirts, or older shirts in my closet for actual on-course wear.

    Ever use a golf shirt for anything besides work? Hitting a bar or anything?

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