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  1. I would suggest that you visit a chiropractor on a regular monthly basis. At first, you may need to visit more frequently. They can provide you with some stretches or use google.
  2. I was able to get out early today alone and played both balls against each other. As i stated earlier, the #3 ball is softer, longer and has better spin around the greens. The #4 ball is a very good golf ball, but I really like the feel of the #3. I think the #3 is either the latest version of the Pro V1 or perhaps been tweaked some. The #3 even checked up hitting if out of some fairly deep rough around the greens. I love the #3 ball, so let the cat out of the bag and let us know what it is.
  3. I know it's a stretch to sign up since I already play a combo set of Titleist T100s and 200, but heck I could provide a good comparison to the current model. Good Luck to everyone.
  4. Sorry that you and your golfing buddies are having to make a drastic change. One good thing is all the memories you will have. I read the letter you received from the owner, it's just a shame that he cannot be honest. He must not be in tune with the golf industry if he thinks golf nationally is down, "Nationally and locally, golf rounds have steadily declined over most of the last 10 years, as younger people turn to other sports, videos and electronics. Fewer rounds, fewer members and increasing price competition have left less and less money to cover the high fixed costs of maintaining 120+ acres"
  5. Maybe you are too hung up on Arccos and stats. Just go out, relax and play golf. I know that sounds quirky, but sometimes we all think too much.
  6. Glad to hear your positive story and those are some nice looking clubs.
  7. I understand your disappointment. Having had the opportunity to attend the Masters several times (been awhile), I would encourage you to keep applying. The time and cost will be worth it, I cannot describe what an experience it is. Good Luck
  8. My 9 Hole Quick Review - 7/21/21: 1. The #3 ball is softer, it feels really good off the club face. It seems to be a little bit longer than #4 and stops quickly on the green. In my opinion, it is similar to the Pro V1. 2. The #4 ball is firmer, but not a hard ball. It is close in distance to the #4 and stops really good too, maybe rolls out 4-6 inches past the pitch mark. It is similar to the AVX in my opinion. They putt similar, but the #3 has a softer feel, which I really like. I didn't have time to practice enough chipping to give an opinion. Trying to beat the thundershower and darkness. More to come...
  9. I will make you a deal, send me $75 - $115 and I will drive down to Washington Rd., scoop you up some dirt and send it your way. I'll even throw in a picture of the front gate.
  10. Here is a link that I found regarding Scotty Cameron Sales Sample, http://scottycameronputter.info/rare-sales-sample-scotty-cameron-circa-62-no-1-leather-stitchback-grip.html I would be careful if you are considering buying one on e-bay.
  11. Having made a trip to Scotland with two other couples in 2009, I would suggest you purchase Allan Ferguson's book which is a guide to golfing in Scotland. I believe he also has a lot of information regarding Ireland too. Allan helped us book and schedule our trip, but you can do it yourself by using his website and book. http://fergusongolf.com/ http://fergusongolf.com/pages/book.htm
  12. I also expect to get rejected. I don't think they want Georgia residents to get tickets, they want people to come from out of state and spend more money.
  13. I am in the same boat as you! More rain and not good testing weather. Hopefully later in the week.
  14. I am selling a Taylormade M5 Tour Driver, 10.5 loft with a Fujikura Pro 63 stiff shaft. This club is in excellent condition and includes the original head cover. Price includes shipping to lower 48 states.
  15. I invited 2 guys from work today to play at my club, they probably only play 5 to 6 times a year. Since they don't play very much, I thought it would be best to move up a set of tees so we played from 5900 yards. I usually play the 6300 yard tees. I pared the first 6 holes, birded 7 and 9 to shoot 2 under on the front. I birded # 10 and was stripping the ball great. Reality checked in on # 12, par 3, I missed the green and had two bad chips that lead to a double. Had a bogie on #13, the hardest hole on the course, but came back with 4 pars. Finished the round with a bogie to shoot a 73. It was the best ball striking round that I have had in 9 - 10 months. The two guest were very impressed, they had a great time playing a very nice course for them. Great day and looking forward to getting back out on the course.
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