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  1. I have the same electric cart that you have and it has tipped over 2 - 3 times the last 18 months. I have not had anything break. I know of another member on the forum that had an issue sometime back and was able to get replacement parts at no cost, he is chisag. Personally, I feel that this main component should be covered under warranty by the manufacturer. I would try and reach out to someone other than the rep you spoke to in Vegas.
  2. You have some people that are always looking for ways to beat the system. These are the same people that will not follow the rules and have no golf etiquette on the courses. Drive their carts in areas marked as do not enter, don't fill divots or repair ball marks on the greens.
  3. I have played a lot of championship courses that have held PGA or European Tour events. (Even Majors) $200 is a very fair price. $250 would be the max I would pay. This will never happen, but I would pay more to play Augusta National, but nothing else.
  4. Played from the correct tees, I would suggest Pine Needles and Mid-Pines.
  5. Hello, I am just recovering from back surgery too. Currently, in the middle of PT and just chipping/putting at this time. I wish you continued progress on whichever set you decide to keep.
  6. Following golfers that either don't know or don't have any golf etiquette. Additionally, golfers that don't play ready golf and stand around or wait in the cart until someone else has played, then ride 10 ft., get out and hit their shot.
  7. I am not a social media type person, but maybe you could put out something on social media in your area regarding this and a local school would get the message. Another thought would be to contact a few of the local courses that the high schools us. They could possibly put you in touch with some coaches.
  8. Not trying to be rude, but where do these people with 1 post come from? I started with 1 post at one time, but tried to make it worth posting......
  9. OMG! Can't believe you had this much going on with your back. Today was my 7th day after my surgery and I have seen great improvement the last two days. I realize this is going to take some time, just going to take it day to day. I appreciate all of the comments and suggestions from everyone.
  10. Hey Dave, Thanks for the post, it sounds like we had very similar injuries. I had my surgery last Friday and a lot of the pain was gone immediately. I have been able to take short walks each day and increased the distance today. After reading your comments, I know things will continue to improve. Thanks again!
  11. Hello Everyone, Well my retirement has not started off on the path I would have liked. Last day of work was August 31th and we had big plans. We did get up to Maine, NH and Vermont in early September. The Monday after getting back, I began to have tremendous pain going down my right leg. I have had minor hip issues for several years, but was always able to get those adjusted out with Chiropractor care. Went and received a couple of adjustments, but the pain got worse. During the last four weeks, I have visited Orthopedic Care w/x-rays, ER (trying to get an MRI asap), taken physical therapy, 3 series of steroids, pain medication just to get a few hours sleep. My primary doctor was able to get me a referral to a Neurosurgeon, which got an MRI scheduled for me about 10 days ago. Based on his advice, I have surgery scheduled for tomorrow. I am sure people will have different opinions regarding my decision, but at 63, I feel that I have a lot of years left to enjoy my wife, kids and grand-kids. Hopefully more golf too. I am not writing this looking for attention, pity, etc. I just wanted to reach out to the community to hear if any other golfers have had similar issues. I am committed to this decision and whatever it takes to get my body back to an enjoyable life style. Eating pain pills and dragging your leg around is not in my plan. I would appreciate any positive thoughts! Don't take your health and golf for granted, it can leave quickly...
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