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  1. Hopefully you had insurance on the shipping. The few times I have ordered a shaft, they were shipped in a tough tube.
  2. Being a +2 H/C helps people out! They usually have connections.
  3. I have one very similar to the one below. Takes me about 5-10 minutes to put in on and off. https://www.nationalgolfcartcovers.com/ngc-golf-cart-enclosures/2--Passengers.html
  4. I tried this several years ago. Showed up one day to play and asked the assistant pro if he had seen the cart with my cover. He shrugged his shoulders, I grabbed a cart and headed out to the course. Found my cover being used by a couple of other members. They said, we didn't think you were playing today. I asked them did I look like the local golf cart cover provider. I would not have minded if they had asked me or someone in the pro shop. People just don't respect others!
  5. Just got back from Florida and nothing is closed. They don't even wear mask with vary little social distancing. It was so nice, I am going back in 3 weeks.
  6. Not being a Smart A, but why does anyone want to live in these areas? If it gets below 35*F, I hate it!
  7. My opinion of scrambles is always getting pencil whipped. I would rather just donate some money to the charity and play regular golf. I guess that I am just a stick in the mud!
  8. Hate to hear that this may be your last round for the year. Hopefully, you have a trip planned to warmer weather so you will be able to get some golf in. I am currently down in the panhandle of Florida and it has been really hot and humid. "Typical Florida Weather" Planning on coming back in 3 weeks and hoping it will be cooler. Not to gripe, but the cost of golf in this area is ridiculous! Morning rounds are $100 to $150 bucks, I am not paying that for these courses. I did play twice this week and payed around $80 for range balls and golf. I love reading your post, so don't stop keeping
  9. I highly suggest and recommend that you look at Titleist T100S irons. I have played the TaylorMade P790 irons for the last several years, but the Titleist are great irons with a lot softer feel.
  10. I don't understand this. I ordered a fitted set of Titleist T100S irons 3 weeks ago and received them in 10 days. Something is going on with your friends order.
  11. The only thing wrong with your bag is that Driver head cover! Good luck on your come back...
  12. Not trying to be a smart azz, but the statement is true. No glove should wear out in that spot after only 6 rounds.
  13. Fed Ex showed up late Tuesday afternoon. I was able to get 9 holes in Friday afternoon and Saturday. Man, I love the feel of these Titleist T100 -S irons. Only been able to play these two 9 hole rounds due to the rain and thunderstorms, but looking forward to getting them out on the course. Compared to my Taylor Made P-790 irons, the feel is better, distance about the same. Both are excellent irons!
  14. Very nice putter, I have one exactly like it. That's a good deal for someone!
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