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  1. Love all your clubs! Have you ever considered selling any of your Scotty's? I currently have around 15.
  2. DiscipleofPenick - You hit the nail on the head!
  3. I wish it was yes and yes! I have been to the Masters about 6 times and the practice rounds are the best. Most people won't believe this, but in the late 1970"s you could drive up within 100 yards to the back entrance, walk up and pay $10 -$12 bucks and go right in for a practice round. I have been to quite a few major championships and there is nothing like the Masters or walking on Augusta National Golf Course.
  4. Don't apologize! It's funny as H___. I do know one guy that got on his tractor and drove about 5 miles.
  5. I was living in Marietta at the time, we got about 8-10" and were stuck in for 4 to 5 days. I had to walk about a mile just to get milk and bread after the 4th day. I am sure some people are laughing, but us Southerners can't handle snow or ice.
  6. In my 63 years of living in Georgia, I have only had to shovel snow 2 times.
  7. The only comment that I have regarding snow is: "It's Pretty".
  8. I don't think that palm tree is supposed to be snowed on...... Maybe it will melt and the sun come out soon.
  9. Looks like a waste of time and money. I would send the clubs I wanted to keep out to a professional company. Donate the other clubs!
  10. https://www.pgatoursuperstore.com/lessons-services-fittings-studio/
  11. Listed below is a link that will expalin all the fittings offered at PGA Superstores https://www.pgatoursuperstore.com/lessons-services-fittings/
  12. Rick, I posted my picture of Appleby before I knew you had a post. I had long hair too, back in the mid 70's. Maybe it's coming back in style.....
  13. Stuart Appleby needs a hair cut! Dang, I know it's supposed to be social distancing, but buy a pair of scissors....
  14. Welcome to the Ga Coast! Been there done that and it's not fun golf. I don't have any idea how people live in these places.
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