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  1. Keith Watkinsville, Ga 102 mph 6.7 hdcp
  2. After doing a lot of research and reading the comments on the forum, I have ordered the Zip Navigator from Costco. Should be here in 5to 7 days. Thanks for all the feedback from everyone! Be Safe!
  3. Keith Drake Watkinsville, Ga 6.7 Taylormade P-790 T100 S
  4. Very nice set of clubs! Considering a set of Titleist T100S irons, I have always played Taylormade but the Titleist look very sweet.
  5. Hi, It been several years, but I have had 3 to 4 putter refinished or other work done by Scotty Custom Shop. All of those were very positive experiences. I am sure they have added a lot of new options, but their customer services was excellent. I know there are less expensive options available, but personally, I would stick with Scotty.
  6. I am with Mr. 82, Gimmick or a Joke.
  7. Those clubs look backwards.
  8. When golf does return for you, I hope you are healthy enough to enjoy your new clubs.
  9. Keith / Georgia, USA 6.7 Taylormade P790 155 yards
  10. Anyone who hasn't tried the Nippon NS Pro 950 gh shafts are missing a winner. +1
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