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  1. As usual, I feel certain they will show every shot and move that Tiger makes.
  2. I suppose that I will never win anything since I don't do social media!
  3. I would also like to know why hitting a 7 iron 185 is a problem?
  4. "Now it will be interesting on how long it will take my order to move 2.5 miles up the road".USPS = United Slow Postal Service
  5. I agree! For me, it's going to be several weeks. Just had a medical procedure and no golf for 4 to 6 weeks.
  6. Agree, very nice guy who lives close by.
  7. I just looked up the US Am Tour and it appears to be very similar to the previous Golf Chanel Am Tour. I saw a lot of the same players from the past. Might be worth checking out down the road.
  8. Very nice clubs! Being honest with yourself and going this route should help you lower your handicap
  9. I played to Golf Channel Am Tour for several years around 2007 -2012. It was a great experience and had the opportunity to play in a lot of regional and national tournaments. It was fairly expensive, especially if you were traveling to tournaments. I will have to say that they ran a tight ship. No sand bagging or crazy crap going on.
  10. Great to hear you are back to walking again with your electric cart. Unfortunately, I will out of commission for 4+ weeks. Had to have a medical procedure! It's a bummer, but with the heat being around 95 everyday I am OK to miss a few weeks.
  11. If anyone is a smoker, be careful when using this.
  12. They probably read your review and said let's get those new Titleist clubs!
  13. GaDawg

    Used Putters?

    Yep. I got burned once on Ebay with a fake Scotty Cameron. Gotta be careful....
  14. At this stage they were just requesting information but after what De Chambeau has achieved this year I am guessing that it will be more than a request some stage in the near future. DeChambeau has not exactly won all the tournaments he has entered. Yes, his distance has drastically increased, but you still have to get the ball in the hole.
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