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  1. You're right, I am mostly talking about the players irons. The trend is difficult to accurately assess because the Maltby measurements are not complete for every iron model a company has produced. For example, the MP-29 and MP-37 irons are not present in their inventory. Perhaps it has to do with the evolution of golf ball characteristics (i.e., moving in the direction of a ball that spins less)?
  2. Hi Everyone, I was on the Maltby site the other day checking out classic iron designs from Mizuno and Titleist. It looks like the VCOG has been creeping higher on the clubbed over the last 20-30 years. Does anyone have an idea why that might be happening from a design standpoint?
  3. Hi Everyone, First post, but I'm looking for a gently used set of Mizuno MP-14 irons. Heads alone or shafted. If shafted, any flex is fine. Please let me know what you've got! Thanks, Ryan
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