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  1. Icing helps a lot, sometimes if you don't do it, you'll just have to skip the practice for the next day because of the pain. The problem is that it's hard to perform it at home, because you need a lot of ice all the time, which is at least expensive to buy all the time, additional costs. There is a better option, it's called chiropractic https://adriameduae.com/, some people probably know about it, it's a very effective method and it's much cheaper than buying tons of ice per month.
  2. Yeah haha that's why i never play with friends xDD How many times I had been to casinos with my friends and I was always losing money because they were pulling my attention and I couldn't focus. But I actually enjoyed those games, and I started to play without them now xD I usually play on vslots88 where I can just base on my proper strength and win some cash. After winning few jackpots and buying myself a new MERCEDES they couldn't believe that I made money for it on casino lol.
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