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  1. 5 hours ago, Berg Ryman said:

    Makes me really intrigued because I'm in the market for a new pair this season. Now that I'm going to be back carrying and walking more I think we're starting with the Skechers Torque and the Hyperflex from FJ. I'm limited by foot width, as I have what my family friendly call 'hobbit feet' not big but wide, extra wide to be honest. Good to see FJ is most comfortable and available with BOA, likely the play.

    I just purchased a pair of the FJ Hyperflex. By far the most comfortable golf shoe I've ever worn. Right out of the box they fit like a glove. All the reviews saying they run a 1/2 size too large are correct. I wear 11.5W, but got the 11W and they are perfect. I went with the old school laces though, not a huge fan of the BOA thing. 


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