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Retired senior security specialist for Fortune 100 company.  I live in central Michigan with my wife, Sharon, and our two wire hair fox terriers, Dexter and Bella.  I grew up in a small Michigan town and started golfing when I was about 10 years old.  Elementary school kids were allowed to play the local golf course, Monday through Friday, between 6:00AM-Noon, for 50 cents (this was 1961).  I was fortunate enough to live ½ mile from the course and played every day.   However, it wasn’t until my early thirties when life changes allowed me the opportunity to play more golf and to play some spectacular courses.  To be good at anything, practice is most important.  I’m not a natural golfer, so my ability comes from practice.   I’m aware of my strengths and weaknesses and I set goals so I can practice on those areas where needed.  I go to the driving range two or three times a week and I play golf at least twice a week throughout the spring and summer, or as long as the weather allows.  During the winter months, my golf practice is limited to indoor putting, golf simulators, and Topgolf (90 miles away).




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