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  1. I have an Epic Flash Subzero w/ Tensei Orange CK Pro TX with a number of weights, front weights 2 grams, 10 grams, 14 grams, and a 12 and 13.5 gram rear weight. The club plays at 44.5". Club kills but I somehow still launch too high even set at 8 degrees, which is tough in my super windy home course. Still have my HZRDS Smoke black 6.0 stock shaft if that is preferred. I would not mind keeping the Tensei, it's an awesome shaft. Looking for a Mavrik, Sim, Sim Max or other interesting club with an upgraded TX or extra stiff low launch and spin shaft. Looking for something along the same value as the Tensei Pro. If you are in the DC area to trade face to face all the better.
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