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  1. The 2° flat are compared to the Mizuno lie specs.
  2. Thanks all for the feedback here It's amazing to get such kind of feedback. I only struggle a bit with the 1° FLAT... I'm not sure if this is the right choice because we noticed today that my mizunos are 2° FLAT (7 iron) but the strange thing is that I ordered them with standard lie angle. So and now I'm a bit scared... regarding the lie angle or should I go with standard lie angle?
  3. Unfortunately I were not able to test the shafts with -1"... Now I trust in my local golf dealer from my golfclub he knows me quite a while... He said we will go with the -1" and 1° Flat. Hope this is not a bad decision. At least the personal feel when I hit the balls with the R-Flex shaft and the P790 head was very exicting. It felt really good....
  4. Hey guys, today I went to the local golf dealer in Stuttgart / Germany and tried some shafts in the P790.... What should I say I ordered now the P790 with the NS 950 GH Neo R-Flex, -1" and 1° Flat. I guess it is a good decision. Hitting the balls with this shaft was very amazing. The feeling was very good much better as with the S-Flex. Many balls are landed left but my personal opinion is that this is not related to the shaft, it's problem in my swing which I already identified with my pro. I pull the left arm after hitting the ball (means the classical chicken wing :)).
  5. Hey guys, I just came back from my local pro shop... I hit a few balls with the iron 7 P790 with the Nippon Steel 950 GH Neo, S-Flex, 98gr.! It was incredible, almost every ball I hit solid straight. But the feel of the shaft was a bit to hard in my hands... I think I would go for the R-Flex version from this shaft and stick to the specs. -1" plus 1° FLAT. The ball flight was amazing... they started low and after a few meters it went up in the sky! Really cool - I never hat this feeling with my Mizuno Irons in the last two years. Any opinions from your side?
  6. Hi all, I just found this forum and thought it would be good to get some hints about my shaft decision. I'm in front of ordering a new P790 TM iron set... in my local pro shop. I already tried the iron 7 of them with a True Temper Dynamic Gold 105 VSS, Flex-R, 102g shaft.... and it was very confident compared to my graphite shaft in my JPX 919 forged irons (Project X LZ, R-flex, 4.5, 79g)... My local guy told me now I should go for a Nippon Steel Pro 950 GH NEO, R-Flex, 94.5gr shaft, -1" inch and 1°flat. What do you think about this? My club speed is the following (one w
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