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  1. The 2° flat are compared to the Mizuno lie specs.
  2. Thanks all for the feedback here It's amazing to get such kind of feedback. I only struggle a bit with the 1° FLAT... I'm not sure if this is the right choice because we noticed today that my mizunos are 2° FLAT (7 iron) but the strange thing is that I ordered them with standard lie angle. So and now I'm a bit scared... regarding the lie angle or should I go with standard lie angle?
  3. Unfortunately I were not able to test the shafts with -1"... Now I trust in my local golf dealer from my golfclub he knows me quite a while... He said we will go with the -1" and 1° Flat. Hope this is not a bad decision. At least the personal feel when I hit the balls with the R-Flex shaft and the P790 head was very exicting. It felt really good....
  4. Hey guys, today I went to the local golf dealer in Stuttgart / Germany and tried some shafts in the P790.... What should I say I ordered now the P790 with the NS 950 GH Neo R-Flex, -1" and 1° Flat. I guess it is a good decision. Hitting the balls with this shaft was very amazing. The feeling was very good much better as with the S-Flex. Many balls are landed left but my personal opinion is that this is not related to the shaft, it's problem in my swing which I already identified with my pro. I pull the left arm after hitting the ball (means the classical chicken wing :)). I will work on this during the winter! But the numbers from carry, total distance, smash, spin and club speed was amazing with the Nippon 950 GH Neo shaft. Cheers, Markus
  5. Hey guys, I just came back from my local pro shop... I hit a few balls with the iron 7 P790 with the Nippon Steel 950 GH Neo, S-Flex, 98gr.! It was incredible, almost every ball I hit solid straight. But the feel of the shaft was a bit to hard in my hands... I think I would go for the R-Flex version from this shaft and stick to the specs. -1" plus 1° FLAT. The ball flight was amazing... they started low and after a few meters it went up in the sky! Really cool - I never hat this feeling with my Mizuno Irons in the last two years. Any opinions from your side? You asked about more data - for what you're are looking exactly? And, does anyone have experiences with the TW wedges? Cheers, Mavrix
  6. Hi all, I just found this forum and thought it would be good to get some hints about my shaft decision. I'm in front of ordering a new P790 TM iron set... in my local pro shop. I already tried the iron 7 of them with a True Temper Dynamic Gold 105 VSS, Flex-R, 102g shaft.... and it was very confident compared to my graphite shaft in my JPX 919 forged irons (Project X LZ, R-flex, 4.5, 79g)... My local guy told me now I should go for a Nippon Steel Pro 950 GH NEO, R-Flex, 94.5gr shaft, -1" inch and 1°flat. What do you think about this? My club speed is the following (one week ago I did a TrackMan session): - Current JPX 919 forged approx. 72 - 73mph - Tested iron 7 with the above mentioned True Temper Gold was approx. 74 - 78mph I did now a bit a research and found out that the 950 GH R is recommended for club speeds from 65-70mph... And in the end I'm now completley confused May you have some good ideas, recommendations or suggestions for me! Cheers, Mavrix
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