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  1. Would love to have a little grouping of my Houston golfing compadres and I hit a course soon! Hell, even a 4 man scramble if a group of 8 could be made. I play all over the great city of Houston and beyond. 20ish handicapper as I’ve been playing consistently for only 6-8 months but continuing to chip away those strokes and screw a three putt! Shoot over a PM or reply to this thread and let’s get something set up. As always, take care.
  2. It’s so sick seeing the community help out someone in need!
  3. Joseph T. Houston, TX Currently using the Tommy Armour 303 Milled Habanero and would like to compare it to the Impact 2
  4. I have a brand new Taylormade Truss TB2 center shaft putter than I am looking to sell or trade. We’ll talk. It’s never been used and is still in the original plastic wrap it came in. 35” in length, so my taller golfing friends, this on is for you. Or you can get it cut later on, up to you. Asking $250 but will consider $200-225
  5. Just picked up this Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero with a green EvenFlow 6.0 55g Stiff shaft and duuuuuuuude I am in love! Instantly cut the slice yardage in half, if not two-thirds from what I was hitting before. (Before was 250 total distance with near 50 yards of left to right slice) Those yards lost on the slice was in fact gained on the overall distance, now carrying my driver at least 280 and on the fairway! Didn’t get fitted but tried out compared to other drivers and I won’t be leaving this one for a while.
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