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  1. Sam Oakland, California Bridgestone Tour B series, Titleist Pro V1, Titleist Velocity as well as Top Flite XL Distance(I play them all about equally, but my favorites are the Bridgestone Tour B and Top Flite XL Distance) I have bought Top Flite balls in the past and they have been pretty good for the most part with no major quality issues. One of my local ranges uses Top Flite balls, so I got interested in the brand. I use them a lot for practice. I cut one open once and liked what I saw in terms of consistency and core quality. The affordable price and good quality make Top Flite a pretty good practice ball. I like Top Flite balls in general (I also happen to own a Top Flite driver), but they are not my first choice. If I can't find Bridgestones I usually buy them.
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