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  1. I agree. I think they will stay this way for a while (I can only hope). I just need to get the last little bit of stubborn colour out. My wife decided she wanted to remove her nail polish, so I am currently out of acetone...doesn't she know that stuff is for removing paint fill...unreal.
  2. If you’re looking for a better explanation haha: They feel solid and pure. Any subtle mis-hits don’t really punish you much at all. PXG makes great feeling grips, confident looking down at address (thin top line) Tons of feel and control. The shafts also help with suppressing any vibration if you hit a lot of balls. Nothing bad to say yet - except maybe when you have to clean dirt out of the tungsten weights on the bag if you hack one out of the wet rough .
  3. They’re fantastic! Best I’ve ever played. Extremely pleased.
  4. I will also note the way the clubs are arranged in the bag - this seems to be a hot topic for some. I’ve just discovered this way and it seems to be the best way to sort the bag for when you go from carrying, to driving range, or to a riding cart. I hate having to re arrange from carrying to cart. Instead of arranging horizontally, I do it vertically. This way the short irons never hit the driver or 3 wood shafts and it’s still arranged well regardless of if you’re walking or riding. I’m sure this will trigger some sort of OCD attack for some and I apologize for that.
  5. I know the thread title leaves much to be desired... haha. Ping G410 SFT 10.5 Tensei Orange Stiff Sim Max D 3 Wood Evenflow 6.0 Titleist Ts3 Hybrid Tensei Blue X-Stiff PXG 0311P Irons 4-W TT Elevate Stiff Taylormade MG2 50° DG s200 Hi Toe 54° & 58° KBS $ Taper Taylormade Spider X Titleist 14-way Hybrid Stand Bag
  6. Decided I didn’t like the copper finish. I stripped that completely off (super easy). Then took out the white paint fill (easy but more time consuming) and did a custom paint fill (easy and oddly satisfying ). From there, much like anyone who has ever done a custom job, I enjoyed it for all of a month or two and wanted another change. So this time, I removed the paint fill, and used a polish. I really like the look of not having any paint and the super polished finish. Can’t see any of the shine at address, just when it’s in the bag. I’m sure they’ll get paint filled again when I think of an idea, any suggestions??
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