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  1. Gill


    Very Nice Boat, the Beneteau! Where did you home port?
  2. Gill


    For when the Golf Course is frozen !!!
  3. Gill


    Ha! Very Glad to make your acquaintance, Tony. I still sail Stars, both as skipper and crew. Still give them (my competitors) a run for their money, too. Though, not quite as often as I used to. I sometimes get to crew for a guy who is now 78 and he is tough as nails. I am on a quest to break "80." Caught "90" this year. At 70YO, I had better DO IT!
  4. Watercolor by Gill Cole "April on the Beat" Painted in 2010, the scene is from Chicago, Michigan Avenue in front of the Art Institute. Paintings by the American Master, Edward Hopper, were on display inside. Outside, the redbuds were in bloom on a crisp Spring morning. The beat Cop is juxtaposed with the Copper/Bronze Lion at the steps of the Art Institute, protecting the streets of Chicago.
  5. Gill


    Aboard Star #4187, a Vintage Cup wood boat, 2019.
  6. Gill


    Watching the winning putt - Web.Com Tour Golf at Panther Creek CC, Springfield, IL I caddied in the practice rounds.
  7. Gill


    Award winning watercolor by Gill Cole "Roostertail" Vintage Star sailing and surfing off the wind on Lake Michigan, Chicago Owned & Displayed by Paw Paw Yacht Club, Coloma, MI
  8. Gill


    Lefty Golfer, Web.Com practice round Caddy, Competition Sailor, Watercolorist, Professional Landman.
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