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  1. He has a very unconventional swing and no one around my area teaches it, but it's no problem as I'm not to far away from figuring it out/replicating it , albeit a rough version When I'm at an area that does teach his swing I'll visit them and they'l sharpen it up but in the meantine I'm trying to figure it out myself
  2. This fellow mentioned he really trys to engage his lats to pull the club but I’m not sure how exactly this would be done, is it supposed to feel like your trying to jerk your lat muscle away from your back? https://youtu.be/yn-g_TRrnh4?t=34 should you try to engage both lat muscles for both the down swing & back swing - or do you only engage the rear lat for the backswing & front lat for downswing
  3. At 7:37 in this video he says "the shoulders are a touch more to the right", how would you move your shoulders more to the right without also rotating your spine, so your spine stays in the original position? Here's the exact point
  4. yes ive watched many of those & copied them but still experience it - could the problem be caused by your front hip muscles not being strong enough to resist being pulled inwards? I try to keep my front knee in the [almost] same lateral position as the hips while it bends, so that quad muscle could also be to weak, so while it bends allowing itself to get pulled in, which pulls the hip inwards along with it
  5. Any recommendations on how you can bend your front knee without shifting your hips?
  6. I'd still think he'd forward press no matter what length the iron is because If you see here on the video in the right [when he still used similar swing technique for both driver & irons] he still has almost as much forward press as he did for his iron Trying to do something like that swing yes, plus even if it's a wedge it still would be 37.5" as all his irons are that length
  7. when looking at his irons he has forward tilt in his club [this is from 2018 but I don't believe he's changed that, I can't find any more recent front view iron videos] Do you know what's the cause of this? From looking at that picture his wrists are in a straight line so I don't believe he is tilting his wrists to forward press the club
  8. thanks, is there anyway to know how much tilt you have in your spine without having to watch yourself on a camera, so that you can replicate the exact same amount of tilt each time? What I do is stand up straight, do the side tilt of my spine away from the target then bend over to address the ball but sometimes I tilt too much
  9. And how about the opposite as in having your spine tilted slightly away from the target at setup (so your shirt buttons would be pointing at your rear foot) I'm trying to do something similar to this swing but I'm not sure whether his spine is tilted or straight up I know he has forward shaft lean & hip is slightly towards target but I'm wondering if the spine is also tilted at address too
  10. What effects would rotating your spine slightly towards the target at setup have? Is your spine rotated towards the target at setup too? What I mean is rotating your sternum so that it's facing your front foot at setup
  11. I like his swing so thought I'd try replicating it
  12. Here's a side video Where I'm trying to incorporate it https://gfycat.com/WhiteQuaintEgg I'm trying to get a swing something like this first swing the camera is lower than normal
  13. I'm going to try cocking my wrists during my backswing, about when my arms go past parallel to the ground but I'm wondering do you gradually cock your wrists or is it something which insts tly happens? Eg for full swings should your wrists be more cocked than for 3\4 swings?
  14. What I'm doing is I read hogans book, because bryson incorporates half of that along with moe norman So I've incorporated the pieces that bryson has in his swing [eg the front arm stays pressed against the outer chest area throughout, one plane] along with the one axis from moe I believe the reason bryson has external shoulder rotation is because of how he has his rear elbow setup, if you look at this video you'll see he has his rear elbow very externally rotated at setup I tried this myself but it's resulting in fat shots - maybe I'm not keeping my rear elbow in this externally rotated position throughout the backswing which I think he does until the transition
  15. I'm trying to get more power in striking the ball I haven't gone to an instructor as there isn't one nearby I'm follows parts of his swing method along with decambeaus
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