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  1. Couple days ago my club builder stocked some new putter shaft (kbs tour ct, some nippon shafts, stabilities). And something came up, the shaft weight. My putter weighs about 481 grams. I know my putter head is 342.8 grams and my pp58 is 58 grams. That put my putter shaft at about 80 grams compare to othe shafts standing at about 120. Is that an issue i should address or i should just play what i got? My putter is 35.5 inch, around d8
  2. Hi, i wanna change my putter shaft because its quite old. However i don’t know what is good and offer the best feel. ive heard that stability putter shaft is really good but i dont like the look of it. i see tiger playing some kind of tapered shaft. (Does anyone know what that shaft is?) thanks for your helps!
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