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  1. you're all making my case for me, ie: do a little research, it's online etc., but that just confirms my gripe: non of it is on cbs or nbc. and how about that last tournament in saudi arabia? a $3.3 million purse, and not a word about how it was distributed. so, i don't want to search, simply or otherwise. I want to be told in real time to the fullest extent possible, and so should you.
  2. that's exactly my point: YOU have to look around for the money, and finding out the next day is not the same as an announcer saying, for example: "and with that putt, (name) wraps it up, and pockets a million point three." you never have, and never will hear anything remotely like that, or, for example " the way things are shaping up, that miss -hit is gonna cost him a lot of money." And how many of know that quite a few years ago a lobbyist hired by the PGA successfully amended a bill that significantly fattened their pension plan. It only took six or seven words, and never even menti
  3. i'm old, and i don't hear very well, but what i do hear doesn't sound like what you're telling me, and suggestions to "do a little research" support my contention that the pga doesn't want the media to go on big bucks. i repeat: did anyone hear the sum of $1,350,000 when reed holed out on 18? And take another look at the video and tell me that little bounce generated enough velocity to embed a golf ball.
  4. i never hear about money and i watch a lot of golf on tv. the only detailed report is by the associated press monday morning. i did not hear anyone note that reed scooped up $1.3+ million. And if that feeble little bounce embedded his ball those should have been wearing waders instead of golf shoes.
  5. have you noticed that pga media coverage omits all references to money except sums raised for charity. this is either overt or covert, and deprives us of a full understanding of the tournaments. I hope MGS agrees with this and can start the ball rolling for change. The tour is NOT simply a bunch of skilled players roaming the country to raise money for charity. this is a multi-million dollar business, and we should be kept apprised of that. Example: in the Sentry playoff a couple of weeks ago, Joaquin Niemann had a birdie putt he missed that cost him $500,000. No comment from the comme
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