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  1. Chip Strikes is swinging a 7 iron 105 mph! PGA Tour average is 90 mph with a 172 carry (2019 data from trackman). Now I know can get after a ball if I want to and generate 10 or 15 miles per hour extra speed but there is no way I’m hitting it consistently. Either way the need to reduce gaps and have the appropriate distances for the bag is clearly what is most important (as stated by others above). First thing is that difference in distances for your long irons should be a lot less than your short irons. My wedges are 14 yards and my 4 to 5 is 9 yards. So make sure you can get those numbers squared away. Then if you can get away with your longest iron being a 5 iron then just stack your bag with a 64, 60, 56 and 52 and find a nice 5 or 4 wood that works just right for that one or two holes on your home course of yours. Also you can get those loft angles increased 1 or 2 degrees and make sure your set up with a 130 grain steel shaft. It won’t help with your distance issue but it will help with your swing. DeChambeau uses one length irons by cobra. They have a set called Cobra King SpeedZone which are the game improvement version. If I was just picking up the game I would give them a good look.
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