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  1. Very general idea or at least this is what I presume my carry distances to be: PW: 135 9: 145 8: 150-155 7: 160-165 6: don't currently use 5: somewhere in between 3 and 7 4: don't currently use 3: Around 195-200 if hit straight but can vary quite a bit Driver: I've never measured since I haven't been playing with it recently, but a well hit straight shot would probably go over 250 (this may be total distance and not carry though)?
  2. When you say I have a club profile that meets my needs, are you referring to the the AP2s or just a generality about what I would get with a good fitting? That's what I've read. Guess I'll just have to try out these AP2s with stiff steel shafts when they come in. I'm in League City, TX - just SE of Houston. Golf Galaxy and GolfTec nearby. I just don't know what I'm going to get going to Golf Galaxy - depends on who is working and how qualified of a fitter they are. My intention was to find a local pro to take lessons with before getting fitted to get his feedback on my swi
  3. Hello, I'm currently planning to upgrade from some 1994 King Snake (King Cobra knock-offs) Oversize irons with graphite shafts and would like to know what to expect with newer irons. These were my Grandpa's and the only irons I've ever used. I assume they're senior flex as he was in his 70s when he got them. I believe these clubs are 1/2"-1" too short for me as well. From what I've gathered online, generally speaking, I should be looking at stiff flex steel shafts and game improvement irons - and I should get fitted. A little bit about my self/game first: I'm 29, athletic, an
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