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  1. @CarlH thank you! Been following the forums for a bit now and figured I would finally get my feet wet. yes the original Kirkland was pretty amazing (if you could find it)... I’m talking about the most recent one. Easily the most spin I’ve ever seen,
  2. The more I try new balls the more I realize a lot of these tests vary depending on the golfer. I play both the X and Black. I’ve noticed more stop and drop with the black. It feels like it compresses a lot more off the driver but haven’t seen a lost in distance. The X I still really love but I don’t really see the extra spin. I like the sound of the black on my putter better and probably will go to that one more full time I think. if you want a crap ton of spin, grab the Kirkland Costco ball... holy smokes, I was playing the Lee Trevino hole at the Stadium Course the other day and ri
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