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  1. If anyone wants to see a photo of them here they are. I am absolutely loving them, so I guess I would say the insufferable wait was worth it.
  2. Well guys, they finally arrived. I debated cancelling there for a while but with the delay everyone has been saying Ping is experiencing I didn't want to go back to square one. And to all who let me know how much I overpaid, I knew that I would be going in. This was my first ever set of clubs that aren't hand me downs and I was ok paying a little extra to get fit for stuff that would be perfect for me. I cut some costs by not getting any of my iron shafts pured. I definitely overpaid for my driver and 3 wood and that didn't help keep costs down but I'm happy with what I have. In the future I
  3. Bryce Seattle, Washington I walk 90% of my rounds. Riding is a rare occasion. I currently use a Caddytek 3 wheel push cart.
  4. Guys, I feel like I'm going crazy here. I placed an order with club champion on December 19, 2020. ETA was February 3. That's kind of a long lead time but I figure, its still COVID, so its fine. I'm just excited for new clubs at this point. After the original ETA passed, I didn't hear from them. February 4 rolls around and I haven't heard so I call them. They say, "hey, not to worry it's on track to arrive here today and then just a day or two turn around and we'll get it sent to you." So I'm excited as hell. The excitement doesn't last long however, as not 10 minutes later I get
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