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  1. If anyone wants to see a photo of them here they are. I am absolutely loving them, so I guess I would say the insufferable wait was worth it.
  2. Well guys, they finally arrived. I debated cancelling there for a while but with the delay everyone has been saying Ping is experiencing I didn't want to go back to square one. And to all who let me know how much I overpaid, I knew that I would be going in. This was my first ever set of clubs that aren't hand me downs and I was ok paying a little extra to get fit for stuff that would be perfect for me. I cut some costs by not getting any of my iron shafts pured. I definitely overpaid for my driver and 3 wood and that didn't help keep costs down but I'm happy with what I have. In the future I will definitely go with a local PGA pro over club champion. Definitely don't want to repeat the poor customer service experience. My fitters were great. The guys who work at my local location are awesome. But that experience with their customer experience team at their headquarters has turned me off of ever using them again in the future.
  3. Bryce Seattle, Washington I walk 90% of my rounds. Riding is a rare occasion. I currently use a Caddytek 3 wheel push cart.
  4. Guys, I feel like I'm going crazy here. I placed an order with club champion on December 19, 2020. ETA was February 3. That's kind of a long lead time but I figure, its still COVID, so its fine. I'm just excited for new clubs at this point. After the original ETA passed, I didn't hear from them. February 4 rolls around and I haven't heard so I call them. They say, "hey, not to worry it's on track to arrive here today and then just a day or two turn around and we'll get it sent to you." So I'm excited as hell. The excitement doesn't last long however, as not 10 minutes later I get an email from my fitter saying my clubs have been delayed another 2 weeks and the new ETA is February 18. Kind of frustrated by the lack of the communication coupled with the mix-up between different members of Club Champion. But hey, I have a golf trip planned for February 25 and they'll still be on time for that so I'm ok with it. 2 weeks roll by and I'm excited for my clubs. I have that golf trip coming up and I can't wait. But I still don't hear a peep from club champion. I call them yet again after the ETA comes and goes. They say they don't know where the clubs are and have no update for me. They blame it on the manufacturers delay due to COVID. That's fine if they want to pass the blame. But when I ask if I can get an order number so I can contact Ping directly and find out what the status is, club champion essentially tells me to kick rocks. This by far is the most infuriating part. After I spent upwards of $4,000 dollars on clubs it's ridiculous that they can't give me an order number to contact the manufacturer directly. Especially if they aren't taking responsibility for the delay and blaming it fully on the manufacturer. And this isn't a pending $4,000 while I wait for delivery mind you. Club Champion has had this money in their bank account for 3 months, and I have no recourse at all. Then, another delay. However, with this delay comes a friendly customer service agent who assures me they've confirmed from Ping that the clubs are on their way and they'll arrive at the build shop on March 3. He even goes as far as to say that they will expedite the process to get them to me ASAP. At this point, even after everything that has happened, I am elated at the prospect of having my clubs. March 5th rolls around. Nothing. March 8th rolls around. Nothing. They haven't even arrived at the build shop yet! But don't worry. They tell me they'll be in tomorrow for sure. March 9. Now its the 11th and I still haven't heard a word. Not only have my clubs taken forever, but Club Champion has consistently misled me, passed the blame over to Ping, and failed to provide me my clubs. COVID delays are one thing, but I'm sitting here 3 months later not only with no clubs, but having been lied to and misled countless times with not even a realistic ETA of when I can expect to have my clubs. I'm at my wits end and I am dying to play a round of golf and just sitting here waiting.
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