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  1. Quick backstory: I am an 8 handicap, trending downwards, and I have been gaming the Sub70 699 Pros for a few years and I have loved them. My biggest problem with the Player's distance was the occasional hotshot out of the middle. I feel like I want to earn whatever the outcome is, not be randomly 15-20 yards over the target because of hitting the ball "too well". I figured with a CB, I could depend on distance, and if it came up short because of a bad strike, then that is ok because that is what I earned from the strike. Through hours of testing at PGA Tour Superstore, I fell in love with the Taylormade P7MCs. I was able to procure a very lightly used set from a nearby player for an incredible deal, in a pretty similar setup (TrueTemper XSeven shafts instead of KBS C-Taper 130s) and I decided to give them a go. For whatever reason, my confidence has skyrocketed since. I have been striking the ball more out of the center of the face, I'm shaping shots with intention and consistency. For example, my driver "abandoned" me the last 2 days (nothing says fun times like a push fade), but I kept myself at +8 over the last 27 holes, mostly because of my iron play. From my own perspective, the reality of the situation seems to be that I just feel comfortable with the smaller head/topline behind the ball. With the old 4 iron, I was tentative to pull it out of the bag, with the new CB, I use it 4-8 per round and have struck it very well for my ability. I do not think that this move would necessarily be for everyone, but I am a true believer that if you feel confident when looking down at the ball, and you have postive swing-thoughts, then that will manifest in how you play.
  2. From North Jersey, but always on the lookout for some people to hang with! Maybe if there is an indoor simulator in the area, we can meet and play around there as well!
  3. That is awesome! I'm enjoying that stage of my golfing life now and I'm making as many memories with friends and my dad/brother as I can.
  4. Oh man, NJ has some beautiful courses. Ballyowen is one that I love. Got to play Twisted Dune as well which was incredible. I still have quite a list of courses I want to get to and I'm looking forward to continuing to experience different courses and architecture.
  5. 2 biggest factors to that are 1) I generally play as far back as I can without feeling like a nuisance to my 4some. 2) I rarely play the same course multiple times a season. I played about 20 rounds of golf this season on 14 different courses. The 2 courses I repeated are also the homes of my lowest rounds. For this season 8 of those rounds were on 9 hole courses, only 1 was above a 42 Of the 12 18-hole rounds, all rounds were between 80-88 Somehow according to my app, that results in a 9.1 lol
  6. Back story, I am a 9 handicap golfer. Lowest round ever is an 80, (39 for 9 holes). I usually shoot mid-80s, depending on difficulty/knowledge of course, etc. I went out today on a whim, had my brother and friend cancel on me. Almost canceled going, but another friend said he would go. We hit the course, spent about 10 minutes on the practice green (driving range closed for the season, I'm in NJ) then hit the course. Now on the other end of this is my buddy Adam. He is the nicest guy you have ever met, usually shoots low 100s, can get to low 90s. He was asking for tips on how to play better, as he knows in 3 years my handicap went from 26 to 9, through diligent practice, a few lessons, and a general obsession with listening to experts/pros talking about the game. As we were talking about things, I found myself starting to play some of the best golf I had played. Honestly curious if discussing the swing thoughts and processes ended up impacting the play. Regardless, on this par 36 9 hole course, I got to the last hole at even par. Ended up on the fringe and was going between chipping and putting. I had chipped well, but I also knew how well I was playing and I think intrusively effected my swing, ended up duffing the chip. 2 putted for a bogey and shot a 37. As excited as I was, my buddy Adam was even more excited. He signed a score card for me and pumped me up big time. Always nice having a friend like that. Most excitingly for me was seeing improvement. I basically spent the entire year shooting similar scores, never really feeling like I was making much progress. Cannot wait to continue this golf journey! If you're still reading, thanks for hanging out tonight.
  7. Hey There! Hoping a few guys/gals on here may be interested in grabbing 18 sometime and playing some fun games (2v2 alt shot, scramble, better ball, etc). Thanks, Mike
  8. Well what can I say. After 20 years there is a reason Odyssey re-released these putters. I cannot say enough good things about this putter/grip combo. I have really been struggling with my putters of recent and decided to open up the coffers a bit and get a new putter. After significant testing, this just stood above the rest; feel, look behind the ball, sound; she just has everything I could want. I unexpectedly ended up with this massive SuperStroke grip once I realized how much it kept me from gripping to much on the club and kept my stroke nice and consistent. All in all, these are a winning combo, I have never felt more confident behind a ball than I do now. I know I am holing more putts and even when I am not, I am usually in that < 3ft range. Highly suggest for anyone looking to upgrade.
  9. Hey there guys and girls, I’m definitely shopping on a budget, COVID times have been hard here in NJ. ‘Anyone selling or getting rid of a White Hot Mallet putter? Preferably 34/35”. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  10. Holy cow! You ever find something that you almost believe is too good to be true? WELL let me tell you, this is one of those times. Last year I was given some Taylormade TP5 Pix balls by a friend and OH BOY let me tell you I loved them. I loved the look, the feel, everything! Well almost... As any golfer will know, the only 3 certainties in life are death, taxes, and losing expensive golf balls. I had either beat up or lost all the balls I was given and was dismayed to see the $45 price tag associated with a new dozen. I hunted on the web and saw GolfDiscount.com had "Practice TP5 and TP5X balls for $20/dozen! I almost felt like it was a scam but I gave it a shot. The balls came in quick and in a very high-end... clear plastic bag. When I ripped it open I saw 12 brand new TP5 Pix balls. Sure they were not PERFECT. Some had black spots, some had smudging on the triangles, but otherwise everything seemed great! I took them out and tested them and let me say that I could not tell the slightest difference. They are fantastic! Needless to say, I am now a loyal purchaser of these balls. Sure my family once in a while will get me the real deal for a present, but for me, if the only downsides are some imperfections with the graphics, I can live with that!!! I highly suggest anyone who wants to try these give them a shot!!!! I will get photos up the next chance I get, but they are genuinely worth every penny.
  11. Driver - 9° Callaway Epic Flash Sub Zero (+1°) - Hzrdus Smoke Black 6.5 60gram shaft 3 Wood - 15° Taylormade RBZ - stock stiff shaft (next club being phased out) 3 Hybrid - 18° Taylormade Burner 2.0 - Aldila Tour Green stiff 85gram shaft 5-PW - Sub70 699 Pro Satin (lie +1°) - KBS C-Taper 130gram xflex (newest addition to the bag) 50° - Bettinardi H2 SS 303 Wedge - KBS Tour stiff flex 54° - Tommy Armour VCG Wedge - True Temper S200 Tour 58° - Cleveland RTX4 Wedge - True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Putter - Ray Cook Silver Ray SR500 Putter Bag - Sub70 Gray/Black/White Stand bag Ball - Taylormade TP5X Pix (I buy the practice version) This bag is a hodge-podge to the extreme. I just got seriously into golf over the winter 2018-2019, and really kicked it into gear during the pandemic. The only clubs I actually got fitted for were the Sub70 699 pros. Otherwise this bag is built on convenience and bargains. You may note that I only listed 13 clubs; I alternate between a 4 hybrid (set with the 3) and a 4 iron (set with the irons) depending on where/how I am playing. The driver I got used on Callaway Pre-owned and I upgraded the shaft myself. I got the RBZ 3wood used on 2nd swing. The Burner hybrid and Cleveland wedge were hand-me-downs from my father. The Bettinardi & Tommy Armour wedges were bought during sales at 2nd Swing & Golf Galaxy respectively. And my current least favorite club of the putter was under $50 on RockBottom. I would love to upgrade most of this bag, but I am a golfer on a budget. If I can choose to spend my money either playing or on high-end gear, I will pick playing. I have fallen in love with the Sub70 brand and that is where I am tending to lead towards upgrading the bag. Any thoughts and or suggestions are welcome. I am really looking for a new putter, I love the White Hot series by Odyssey, but I will give anything a try (hello?! you see what is in the bag?!?! lol).
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