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  1. This helps! Thank you! Would any single bend shaft work/ do you recommend me using a certain company for quality reasons? Thank you
  2. Yes Oh okay, I thought i would have to cut the shaft at the bottom to install
  3. I just instinctively purchased a stability tour shaft and wondering if i should install in into my Evnroll. I'm worried I won't like the shaft and will ruin the putter. I think once I install this shaft, the current shaft on the putter is basically garbage. Also unsure if the stability vs stability tour would be better for me. Any input on this shaft in general and this shaft with this putter? Thanks!
  4. I have both of these shafts in my possession, one of them will be used in my Epic Speed 3 wood. I am going Club Champion and going to see what the numbers say but before I go...can anyone give me some input/suggestions? Thanks !!
  5. Thank you, this was extremely helpful!
  6. Has anyone else tested this club out on a trackman? I was testing it side by side going against a SIM Max 3 Rescue, with the same shaft in each. With the SIM I was getting a smash factor of around 1.48-1.50(max). With the Epic Flash I was getting a smash factor consistently above 1.50, maxing out at 1.54. To my understanding, anything above a 1.50, is considered an illegal club. Has anyone else had number like this with this Epic Flash Hybrid?
  7. Joey, Staten Island , NY 113-118 Cobra F9 Mitsubishi Chemical C6 Blue 70g Xstiff I have not had the privilege to play Nippon shafts yet.
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