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  1. I have both of these shafts in my possession, one of them will be used in my Epic Speed 3 wood. I am going Club Champion and going to see what the numbers say but before I go...can anyone give me some input/suggestions? Thanks !!
  2. Thank you, this was extremely helpful!
  3. Has anyone else tested this club out on a trackman? I was testing it side by side going against a SIM Max 3 Rescue, with the same shaft in each. With the SIM I was getting a smash factor of around 1.48-1.50(max). With the Epic Flash I was getting a smash factor consistently above 1.50, maxing out at 1.54. To my understanding, anything above a 1.50, is considered an illegal club. Has anyone else had number like this with this Epic Flash Hybrid?
  4. Joey, Staten Island , NY 113-118 Cobra F9 Mitsubishi Chemical C6 Blue 70g Xstiff I have not had the privilege to play Nippon shafts yet.
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