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I started playing golf 5 years ago and I am absolutely addicted. I love every aspect of the game, especially the technical details. I enjoy studying the swing in great detail as well as club specs. I am currently on my fourth set of clubs. I love odd clubs that are hard to hit such as my Nike Vapor Pro Combo 2i with modus 120x and my Taylormade HI Toe 64 degree lob wedge with modus 125 wedge flex. I have bought many clubs but never sold any 😀. I struggle with a left pull due to tight hips that cause me to slightly reverse pivot. But I have been seeing a TPI chiropractor to work on my hip mobility and it’s making a huge difference. I highly recommend this. I got a GC Quad about 3 years ago and last I checked I’ve hit about 55,000 shots on it. I use it almost everyday. My favorite playing partner is my wife. She started playing the same time I did and it’s a great way for us to spend time together. We love to travel in and out of the country and play new courses. 


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