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  1. I play over 125 times per year and have played every type of ball made. I've played balls no one else has even ever heard of. I know when a ball performs well and when it doesn't..I have a collection of "modern" golf balls that includes the first ball of color(orange Wilson Pro Staff), the first surlyn covered ball(Ram Golden Ram) and even a Cayman ball for use at the Cayman Islands reduced length golf courses. I know golf balls. When you look up golf balls in the dictionary you'll find a picture of me.
  2. I'm 74, but still play over 100 rounds a year. I'm currently playing a Taylormade M1 but am losing distance faster than I'd prefer. HELP!!!
  3. Though I've worn a wide variety of shoes over the years, I've kind of settled in on Foot Joy Tour and ECCO Biom shoes. While most of my shoes are soft spikes, two pair of my ECCOs are spikeless. I would be very interested in how these shoes compare to the ECCOS. The more comfortable the shoes, the better the golf.
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