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  1. I am in definite wants n needs to participate in this lil outdoor (gladly bring back indoor IF weather person grumpy he/she/it didn't make zee cut to test as well lol) puttz r us endeavor...why pretell...if eye must elaborate on zee longates of short miss n long left shortz of lately with me used 2 b trustworthy new knock off of ol sckoolz Ping Answer...sadly it's just not living up to old nor 1st bought standards of 5 or so yrz eggo...SO, Hence4th the why's n where4's of meye Eh4mentioned ohh pretty plz to those whom Pick & Choose US Baggar Vance'd wannabeesbserz of very lucky few to win out on Testerz R US for this nice looking Pads Eh Puttz Ehway whilst OUTSIDE enjoying thyne fine tuned rollz...which will definitely help moi help u'z Choose eh new Rollie Device...whew done beggan Choosers SO letz start dropping puttz n improve n report back to front together lol...n ohh almost 4gotz---Don't 4getz us poor ol Can Back Baycoon Boys of Rollin' Techie Toyz North of Ye 49th...WE CAN HELP TOO Y'ALL KNOW
  2. Currently roll with a Ping Answer 2 newer with blue insert Wouldn't mind trying the newer style see what is all about...still not sure of the look...kinda ol school lol
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