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  1. Lots of good words on these, would love to try it out myself!
  2. Would be a dream to test this out vs the apps I use to track stats!
  3. I love data! Have always wanted to give this a try as I am on the fence of Arccos vs Shotscope vs all the apps available on the market, which I have tried most of the popular ones at one point or another.
  4. Currently rely on 18birdies and the Grint, would love to compare with an actual rangefinder. Played a course recently that the tee box sign was completely different than either GPS app read, so having an actual rangefinder to get an accurate measurement would be great. I trust the GPS apps, but when the tee box sign is way different, you question things. From what I found out later on, the course has changed a bit and I believe the sign was wrong, but still would have been nice that moment to know.
  5. This is a stick I could use in the bag, would love to give this a try from your average golfer perspective!
  6. Would love to give these a test, digging that snowy white colorway!
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