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  1. A little known fact about Karsten, for those of you and me, who can remember them, Mr Solheim held the patent for the Rabbit Ears TV antenna. He was a bright mind, and so is Barney Adams.
  2. I hope its just the pic., it does kinda look out of place. Maybe it serves a purpose and looks better upon closer personal inspection.
  3. I think from Angel Cabrerra hope this link works, they are pretty sharp (Edit: we posted images below)
  4. I recently read that one of the NY mags (not Forbes, but one like it) reported in a recent study that his net worth currently is 500 Mil. approx. Elin maybe is looking at about 200 Mil.of that or a little more. He's got to get back to work.
  5. Entry is in. I'd most like an Adams Pro Black hybrid 23* Reg. MRH
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