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  1. Many thanks for the updates, appreciated. My preference so far is the javelin shaped flagpoles but I need to check on the price as I didn’t realise they were twice as much as normal flagpoles which may well influence my decision as with most golf clubs, cost has to be balanced against budget. Thanks.
  2. Actually, it is me that will be selecting the flagpoles for the club and since we have previously used thick poles, I would like to make sure we have poles that give the members the opportunity to take advantage of the rule change without being hindered by it. What I have been trying to find out was whether there was a downside to moving to the slimmer or javelin styles flagpoles to make sure that I made an informed selection for the club. As I’m sure we are all aware, there will always be members who disagree with all sorts of decisions at a golf club and I just want to minimise any complaints as well as make the best decision. Thanks.
  3. Hi, I was more wondering whether clubs had gone to slimmer flag poles or javelin style that are tapered, my own experience is that I receive a lot of bounce outs with the flagpoles we used during the season and most people started to remove the flagpole whilst putting (negating the benefit of the rule change), especially for shorter putts. Now that we have moved into off season conditions, our flagpoles have been changed to slimmer versions and I think it now gives me more confidence to putt with them in except when it is a bit breezy as they appear to move easier and further than the thicker versions which can be a bit off putting. Basically I’m trying to make sure that if we buy new slimmer or javelin style flagpoles for next season that I don’t miss out on any potential issues with moving to them. Thanks.
  4. Yeh, more regarding whether your clubs have moved away from thicker flagpoles since the rule change came into effect and if there has been any downside to them although the comment regarding wind is a fair comment as our club is in a area why does get a reasonable amount of wind and it would be good to know how the slimmer and javelin shaped flagpoles hold up in windy areas. Thanks.
  5. Thanks for the info regarding the size limitations, I wasn’t aware of those size regulations. On your question regarding why a club would choose a flagpole that was thicker or thinner, for me it is about adapting to the new rules and I believe flagpoles should be thin enough to minimise the possibility of the ball hitting it and bouncing back out from a putt, I have seen this happen so many times now that most members just take the flagpole out when putting so they aren’t punished by taking advantage of the new rule as we have quite thick flagpoles, although I am not sure of the thickness in my. We are looking to buy new flagpoles hence why I was wondering if clubs were now changing to thinner or javelin style flagpoles when replacing theirs since the new rule came into place and whether there was any negatives to them. Thanks.
  6. Thanks, that flagpole doesn’t look too obstructive. Thanks.
  7. Hi, now that the rules have changed to allow putting with the flagpole in, has your club changed to different flagpoles to take advantage of this and if so, what type of flagpoles have they replaced them with and has there been any downside to them ? The reason I am asking is that our club flagpoles are quite thick and thought to cause a lot of putts to rebound off the pole and stay out of the cup so just wondering if clubs have adapted by using slimmer flagpoles or the Javelin shaped flagpoles or something else…. Thanks. Cheers, John
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