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  1. I don't change clubs very often, the game is challenging enough without adding more variables!!! Over my 60 years of playing, the full sets I've gamed are '64 Wilson Staff blades, Mizuno Cimarron, Tommy Armour 845 EVO V-25, and my current set, Callaway Apex. And, I still possess all of them, plus a few random clubs I played with before the Staffs. But, it's time for a new fitting, and I would sure appreciate the opportunity to fill that need with new Titleist irons.
  2. I've been riding my trusty Ping Craz-E for over 10 years, but we're beginning to get on each others nerves. Missed 2 putts of under 3' in my match yesterday, yet still managed to win 5&4. Time to see what else suits my game and I'd love the opportunity to build a relationship with an Edel.
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