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  1. Adding a net to help with my average (low end) golf game might help bring my handicap down. More practice would be a great thing
  2. I would love to try the T300. I currently have a set of Wilson Staff D7 irons. Always looking for a way to better my game
  3. I went to my local golf shop & tried 5-6 different irons out. You are going to want to do the same thing. In my mind i was set on the Callaway irons. After trying out just about everything they had there I found for the Wilson Staff D7 worked best. I was able to have a constant clean shot with this club. I kept going back to the other clubs because of there brand name but the Wilson fit me & my swing the best. So all I’m saying is if you have a golf shop with the ability of letting you swing in a simulator do it. On a second note when I was trying out these clubs I was not intending on buying anything but my golf partner said “we are not leaving here without these clubs”. Yeah she didn’t know………Jump on the chance of new clubs!!!
  4. Congrats on being selected!
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