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  1. We all need Jesus =) wow! +18 for Mr. Woods, this isn't looking good, but hey! Grats to Hunter =)
  2. Agreed, +11 now with Sunday still to play
  3. It's not looking so good for Mr Woods, +6 and it's only friday.
  4. Awesome, thanks for the pdf, MGS
  5. yea sorry, meant my tour W's, lol
  6. Uh, no! , I'll stick with my anser forged thanks, lol
  7. That straight up sucks for Sarah , BTW the Ping Tour W wedges rock
  8. I'll stick with my Scotty Cameron on planet earth, but if I ever go to the moon for a round, well then, I'll take a Ping putter with me
  9. I'm happy to say, unless the Big Box Stores buyout Ping and Titleist this won't effect me , But it's hard to believe that a major OEM like Callaway would be selling out, especially since they hold a very strong position in the golf market and have always had a positive profit margin year after year
  10. They look pretty cool and I like the fact they don't have spikes! I'm down for any shoe that's greens friendly
  11. Slightly different than the G15s with a Ti face insert, I'm not totally sold on these, reason being I'm not sure how much of an improvement the insert will have vs. the G15s, My guess would be not much if any, however if the Ti insert is CNC milled, well than I'm sold!!!,lol
  12. ROFL ... He makes great putters, but no doubt he's gone over the top with his own name on every inch of the putter heads he makes, lol
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