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  1. I've been golfing now for a little under 2 years and this may sound ridiculous but golf balls from different manufacturers appear to have significantly different weights. I don't like the feel of a heavier ball off of driver because I feel like it doesn't go as far but I get better performance from a seemingly heavier ball. I've become somewhat of a ball snob testing everything from Nitro to ProV and notice that out of all the balls I've tried the some of the two piece cheap balls seem to be the lightest (specifically Callaway Diablo and Wilson Duo soft). The heaviest balls I found are the maxfli tour. Prov1s don't feel as heavy but I "feel" like they perform better even if they may not perform as well for me simply because of their reputation and I know I'm getting the best ball on the market by every objective standard. Even if you don't experience the same performance difference in the weight of the golf ball has anyone else noticed differences in the weight?
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