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  1. Hello. I am a 52 Elementary principal. The story of my clubs is interesting but probably not too uncommon. I am a left-handed person who naturally batted right-handed. I played wiffle-ball and baseball all the time as a child. I used to imitate everyone one of my favorite players swings (Willie Stargell, George Brett, Rickey Henderson, George Hendrick, Keith Hernandez, etc.). As you can tell, I became a switch-hitter. My dad liked my left-handed swing so I stuck with it. My cousins lived near our country club. They only had right-handed clubs so that is what I played. My dad was not a golfer. I played high school and college baseball. I played men's fast pitch softball (My dad was a Hall of Fame fast pitch softball pitcher for years) Batted lefty, 90% of the time. When college graduation came, I was ready to enter the high school teaching/coach phase of my life. I asked for a starter set of clubs. Forgetting that I told my dad that I played golf right-handed, he purchased me a set of left-handed clubs from a yard sale. I thought, "What the heck? My dad is a wise man." I started playing left-handed. I was frustrated at times of course. I eventually became so frustrated with my putting that I switched back to putting right-handed. In '93 I got married, my wife wanted to get me an updated set of clubs. With little money, we went to Play It Again Sports in Carbondale, IL. I purchased a set of "out the back door" Tour Model (Ping is what the salesman told me). Regular shaft (though I didn't know what that meant at the time). Purchasing a Ping G5 stiff staff driver and in G2 blade putter in 2005, I played these irons until 2017. I purchased a new set of Callaway Steelhead XR irons from Scheels in Springfield, IL. I purchased a Callaway Epic Flash Driver and Callaway Epic Flash 5 Hybrid - thought I was buying a 5 wood but oh well. (stiff shafts). I finished my set with a demo Callaway Epic Flash 3 Wood from Dicks Sporting Goods. I typically play Callaway Chrome Soft golf balls.
  2. My wife, 51, is just starting golf. Any ideas and recommendations are greatly appreciated.
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