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  1. That's a very good idea actually thank you!
  2. Agreed - I might have to book into somewhere a bit more technical than my local American golf I suspect!
  3. Thank you all for the comments. First of all it doesn't look pretty if I thought the Ping G425 was light and it's the heaviest of the year lol. It seems that a combination of heavier than standard weights, and a slightly longer shaft might do the trick? Something about having lead tape on my driver doesn't sit right but I guess if that was the only way to get the results I am looking for I would have to attempt it!
  4. Thanks for the reply - is the Ping G410 head heavier than the G425? My playing partner has that and that feels very light too. So I guess I will need to find a head with plenty of adjustment weights that I can throw on then? That's the thing, swing weight through a heavier shaft I find doesn't necessarily make me feel like there's extra weight at the bottom, do I need a tipped shaft perhaps?
  5. Hi all, I have a Taylormade 2008 Burner TP I believe in a mid-firm stock shaft. I am currently off 5.2 index, swing at 115 - 125 mph and hit anywhere between 270 - 310 carry depending on the strike; though they are not always even close to the line I want haha. Everything in my bag is relatively new except my burner driver and 3 wood which I just can't seem to find replacements for. I know I need heavy stiff or X stiff, but I am struggling in my fittings at American golf etc to feel the head at the end of the shaft at all. I am not sure why but no matter the shaft I am struggling to know where my club face is, it just feels like there is nothing on the end of the stick once I get swinging and when I connect with the ball the feeling is just a hollow ting feeling. I tried the RAD speed and the SIM 2 and just really didn't feel connected at all. Are there specific heads out there which are heavier and if so, which are they? I have heard the TS2 might be a bit more solid? Thanks, Ben
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