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  1. Dear Larry Thank you for your feedback. My idea was a guided program that includes everything including all parts oftraining, games play and appropriate fitness. A program in which I can participate and there is a common thread. Since I suddenly have a lot of time after my retirement, I would like to invest this effort in a nice place in the USA and bring my golf technique and game to a good level. Unfortunately, during my professional life I never really found the time. Thank you again for your comments. If you have any ideas, I'm always interested in. Best regards Greg
  2. Hi GolfWrx Community soon I will retire, and I am very happy to be able to devote more time to my long-standing passion to improve my Golf Play and of course to play Golf. I am looking for a Golf Campus in the USA for a young middle-aged person with dynamism and fresh spirit where I can improve my golf game intensively during 3-4 months of training like the existing Junior Golf Training camps. Can someone from the community give me recommendations and advice where to find such a camp. On the web you can find thousands of golf schools but without recommendations and lived experience it is almost impossible to find such a professional camp. I am very happy to get your advice and information and appreciate your assistance very much. Hope to read you soon. Greg PS: Maybe I did not post my request in the right forum section, thanks for assistance.
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