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  1. In the last few years I have used Titleist ProV1, ProV1X, AVX, Taylormade TP 5, TP5 X and Project (a). Of these I played the TP5 and Project (a) the most. Love the distance of the new TP5 X but doesn't spin enough on middle irons and hybrids. Project (a) isn't as long off the driver but almost a full club longer on irons than the TP5 and x. I tried the new Maxfli Tour X and absolutely love it. It is as long as TP 5X and spins better than a TP 5 or ProV1. Not as long off the irons as Project (a) but for me, its the best value in golf. I am awaiting your ball testing results to see how fair you are to a now hyped ball owned by a sporting goods store. There is no better value in golf, I have played the Snell's tour ball (longest ball in golf) versions and Maxfli Tour X is a better ball, at least for me. My swing speed is 90-95 (senior) and still get it out 230-250. index 5.5.
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