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  1. Has anyone out there ever made their own mallet putter cover? If so, could you walk me through the process?
  2. Hi, I've been told by multiple people that they say in theory your wedges should have a flatter lie angle than the rest of your set. I'm wondering if anyone out there can explain this one to me and if so, how many degrees flatter you typically go with in your wedges compared to your PW? Thanks
  3. I was switching back and forth while doing it. Usually hit a couple with interlock then a couple 10 fingers. I never thought of the higher pivot point theory. The only thing I could find during research that made even a little sense was the interlock could be lightening my grip pressure and taking tension out of my arms.
  4. From the moment I started golfing as a very young boy I’ve always used a 10 finger grip. Last week I was using the simulator at my local college and decided to kind of screw around right before I left and tried the interlocking grip. Now obviously this feels very strange to me, however, when am gripping it this way my club head speed was anywhere from 7 to 9 mph faster. Could someone explain what aspect of the interlock grip is helping gain that much club head speed?
  5. Did the specs and everything you submitted with them check out once you got the clubs?
  6. Did you place your order in person there or via email? They're pricing was almost too good to be true I was curious if that was the same experience for you?
  7. when you went this route were you able to buy just the ZX5 heads? or were you able to order them with the shaft you were fitted for and then had them pulled a apart and rebuilt?
  8. Yes, that was my first red flag when looking around online in the states I was pretty much seeing that shaft at $37 almost everywhere.
  9. My bad, I guess i should have just said fit for clubs. i forgot to post the back side of that build price that had different lie angle from what is standard on this set.
  10. Hi, thanks for the recommendation on fairway jockey. Never heard of them before. I'll get in touch with them. It looks like when going through the build they only have 1, 2, 3 degrees difference in lie angles and mine ended up being 1.5 degree upright for the set I got fitted for. Hopefully they can accommodate the half degree difference.
  11. Was hoping someone could give some advice from their own experiences. I did an iron fitting this last weekend with club champion (first ever fitting). They were saying how the shafts they get from the shaft manufacturer are different/better than what the club companies (TM, Titleist, etc.) send you when you order from them. Also they were recommending getting the shafts “pured” when ordering them. I’ll include the build price sheet but to me it seems pretty crazy to spend that much when I’ve been able to go online and build the exact same specs on Golf Galaxy or TGW at for like $800 less. CC is basically charging the same price for just the heads as what I can order the entire site for on the mentioned retailers. Also is the pured shafts thing really worth it? Seeing a lot of difference if opinions. Are clubs built and ordered through club champion really that much “better” or is it just price gouging on their part?
  12. I’m not a technical golfer by any means. I’m getting fit for new irons for the first time in my life this weekend and to prepare I decided to use my local simulator today to familiarize myself with hitting inside. Anyways at the end I decide to hit some drivers to see what my distances were because I’ve never really known for sure. After switching from my standard 10 finger grip to interlocking (which is a whole different matter) my club head speed was hovering right around 113 mph but the ball speed was right around 152-153 and the ball was carrying about 265-270. So my question is does that ball speed seem low and should the ball be carrying further? If so, what culprits are most likely the cause of my loss of distance?
  13. Selling my Scotty Cameron putter because I’ve come to realize it’s just not for me. I’ve discovered I’m better off sticking with a mallet. Its in pretty good shape with a few minor nicks/dings it's 34" long. Person I bought it from lost the original headcover so it’ll come with a generic one. These seem to be tough to come across at the moment from what I’ve found. $350 OBO
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