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  1. Forgive the poor decisions I have made (and ignorance of never swing weighting my stuff before) I have never swing weighted my irons before, so coming from Modus 120 s flex, +.5 length Mizuno's (wedges too), when I moved to Steelfiber i95 s flex, also +.5 length, t100 and vokey's, they "felt" lighter, so I always figured my swing weight for my clubs were "ok". Grips are Lamkin hybrid +2 midsize. Then, for some obviously irrational reason (I won't go into the details), I wanted some ping glide forged pro's (same shaft steelfiber same grip lamkin hybrid midsize), they swing weighted at c8/c9, which numerically I find reasonable, except then did I realized all my irons are E1/E2! (All my irons built and shipped by Titleist, ping irons built at local shop). So I think the reasonable action from here is sell my ping irons, and continue with my current set (which I'm playing my best golf yet). But I needed some help and clarification as to what happened: 1. How did my Titleist irons end up e1/e2? I'm not sure/lack of knowledge as to the process behind what can create e1/e2 with the specs i mentioned above. 2. Are ping heads just that much lighter? Or titliest that much heavier? 3. Now that I understand the importance of swing weight progression throughout my bag, how do I proceed forward when I inevitably look to switch out my irons again? E.g. I ask the club head weight of each club? Or do I specify the swing weight? But if I do specify it how is the swing weighting done, some sort of drilling/lead added into the heads? I have a irrational fear stemming from lack of understanding. Hopefully my question/help was clear, or if not I can clear things up. Any input and feedback is much appreciated! Thanks!
  2. Hi all! A question has been bugging me for awhile, so I came across this article: https://mygolfspy.com/golf-club-center-of-gravity-cg/ and had the following question pop up: say a tsi2 is more forgiving than a tsi3 with it's cg back and higher moi, and thus launches a bit higher with more spin, but also more forgiviness on off-center hits via less twisting less ball speed loss, if i then took a 9 degree tsi2 vs a 10 degree tsi3, wouldn't launch conditions start becoming closer together? Then in what case would I choose a tsi3 over a tsi2 if i can achieve similar spin and launch and more forgiviness with a tsi2 by lofting down a bit? Hope I worded my question correctly, this has been bugging me for awhile, thanks!
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